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Little Town up North

By Jolly on December 14, 2008 in Songs

 Little Town up North By Dick Jonas   There's a little town up north, setting on the banks of the river Seems like the people up there just don't like me and my pals Cause every time we go to the town on the banks of the river They start shooting at us with everything that the law allows We went up there last week to the town on the banks of the river With a little token of our generosity hung on board Dropped our gift on the bridge in the town on the banks of the river But I don't think they like any gift that we can afford There's a little old man who lives in the town on the banks of the river With little beady eyes and a scarcity of hair on the top of his head If the little guy who lives in the town on the banks of the river Had his way all of me and my pals would all be deadRead More >


By Rowdy on December 2, 2008 in Cool Stuff

Some of you may have noticed that we use the term “kickass” occasionally. A few folks have written in to say, “Hey, “kick ass” is two words, just like dumb ass.Read More >

Legend of Shaved Dog's Ass

By Jolly on November 30, 2008 in Songs

 The Legend of Shaved Dog’s AssBy Dos Gringos   He walked into the squadron in the summer of '02 Since that time we've never been the same This wingman who would soon become a legend in time He never spoke so no one knew his name But after his arrival there was never an empty keg And always a fresh new batch of corn The coffee was the best that your lips would ever taste And the shitter was always filled with pornCHORUS:And he rode into battle with his back against the sun And he saved us all for we knew he was the one His name was Shaved Dog's Ass The greatest of wingmen was he He only said, "2, lead you're on fire and save the fat one for me" We soon went off to war and the fighting was intense The enemy snuck up from the hills He always got the tally first but never did he shoot Just sat back as flight leads got the kills He never would complain when lead would f--k him over The thought never even crossed his mind Sixty-nine times they notched press at night, lights out, no moon Shaved Dog's Ass - not once did he go blindRepeat Chorus With victory secured we set out on the town To celebrate this war's final end We came upon some ladies who were looking for heroes But only if we had one for their friend She stood six feet tall three hundred pounds - more facial hair than me You could say she was a football coach's dream We all jumped back in horror as we started to abort Shaved Dog's Ass stood up and took one for the teamRepeart Chorus That was the last we ever saw of the world's greatest wingman I'd like to think he's watching us from above Or maybe he's just sitting on some tropical island He and Sasquatch happily in love I think about him often when I'm eating shitty corn And the coffee is burnt to the glass So to all you wingman out there who are looking to be the best Just heed the lesson of the legend of Shaved Dog's AssRepeat Chorus    Read More >

Banana Valley

By Jolly on November 23, 2008 in Songs

  Banana ValleyBy Dick Jonas Just go down to banana valley Go on down and meet your fate Go on down to banana valley But when you go down, down, down, you better learn to hate.Read More >

Excellent Idea for Fighter Pilot and Wife

By Rowdy on November 21, 2008 in Cool Stuff

This is a most kickass, outstanding idea!! S – E –X. For heaven’s sakes it’s even sanctioned by the church.Read More >

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