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Posted by Jolly on November 7, 2012


The Boneheads have a proud history dating back to 1942 when they flew P-38s from North Africa during WW II.  Since WW II the Boneheads have flown the P-51,bonehead106.jpg F-94, F-86D, F-102, F-106, T-33, and F-15 with continuous service until being closed in 2010.  Rumor has it the Mr. Bones may be coming back from the dead as a Raptor squadron at Tyndall (Can anyone in our student body confirm or deny this?).  

Just as important as the proud history the Boneheads have had over the years is p-3882FG.jpgthe strong ties between its Alumni from the various eras in 95th history.  They have held a reunion at Tyndall every two years for as long as I can remember.  The reunions are well attended and a bunch of fun.  I had the opportunity before I retired to attend an 82nd Fighter Group reunion of WW II veterans back in 2000.  The 82nd was home for the 95th, 96th, and 97th Fighter Squadrons during the War.  Imagine sitting around a table with a bunch of P-38 drivers listening to stories about merging with Me-262s over Italy during escort missions into Germany.  What an incredible opportunity it was to hear those stories from themr_bones2.jpg men who experienced them.

The 95th was the last fighter squadron I flew with before retiring, and it was a great unit to be a part of before fading away into the sunset.  There's something about a squadron that has a coffin with a dead guy in it whose name was Mr. F--king Bones.  All you fellow Boneheads out there be sure to visit the FU Store and load up on some of the new Bone Cranium stuff recently added to the store.  Here's another look at the the reality show produced about the 95th.  It was as dead as Mr Bones after about two episodes.  Once a Bonehead, Always a Bonehead!




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Posted by ftrplt on
It was 1977 and life was GOOD! The war was over, the airlines were hiring and I was off active duty in the TxANG. Life was GOOD! So, in May of that year, I found myself in Mr Bones' squadron, learning to fly the T-33, snoopy wrenches, jiggle checks and all! It was a hoot flying a little bit of history, and a necessary evil to get into the F-101, which led to the F-4 which led to the F-16. 29 years of USAF flying, and now I'm an old fart remembering the day! It was fun! Talley Ho! Fights on! Fights on! Fox 2, guns, guns, guns!
Posted by A1patriot on
Great site will be back.
Posted by cloud on
So, why is the videp private?
Posted by cloud on
So, why is the videp private?
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