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Bottle of Britain

Posted by Jolly on February 25, 2010

The Brits are funny and clever people. Often times that humor can be very dry and subtle but usually smartly witty. No surprise then that one of them would take the moment of their greatest hour and use it in a very humorous advertising campaign. These ads never were presented on the mass market and we really have no idea if they were ever considered seriously for the product mentioned but they're still hilariously kickass. 

We've mentioned Spitfire ale before. Very good bit of the amber nectar. Obviously, a product with that name, Spitfire, is going to use fighter pilots and fighter planes as a central theme in its advertising campaigns. Take all that together, fighter planes, history, British humor, and you get some kickass funny advertising.

Their finest six minutes. That's quite a consumption rate.

Spitfire ad 1939 - 1945

And Surrey and Essex and Sussex and all of East Anglia.

Spitfire Ad Downed over Kent


Spitfire Ad Don't Mention the War

A great play on words.  Always good for a childish laugh.

Spitfire Ad No Fokker Comes Close

This makes me snicker.

Spitfire Ad Goering. Goering. Gone


Spitfire Ad How to make sauerkraut

This is pure genius!

Spitfire Ad No Nazi after taste

That's got to be 11:18 AM. No woman could possible be pissed at 11:18 PM.

Spitfire Ad Victoria Cross



Posted by slw on
that is freakin funny and very witty, awesome
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