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Fighter Pilot Child Development Books: Book 3

Posted by rowdy on January 10, 2014

Are you grooming your child to become a fighter pilot? Of course you are. As in previous weeks, Fighter Pilot University would like to assist you in that process by recommending a series of children’s books that will help your child develop the skills, talents and characteristics necessary to become a top notch fighter pilot.
These aren’t books about flying, aerial combat or aviation techniques. You can get that kind of stuff anywhere. No, these unique books will provide your youngster with the personality, distinctive traits and attributes that your child will need to survive in the fighter pilot world of egos, arrogance and self-importance.
Chances are, if you’re a fighter pilot, you married a hot babe. She’s probably above the normal level of your capabilities had you not had such a kickass job. I’ve seen this situation a thousand times in my pilot career; you walk into the bar and some new guy, who is average at best, sits there with the hottie of all hotties. If you’re that guy, the guy with the hot babe wife, you have a better than even chance of having a kid that doesn’t look like Mr. Potato Head. On the outside chance that you picked up that snaggle tooth wench after 20 beers…and then married her, you might need the services of our fourth in the series of children’s books, aptly named Horton Hires A Ho!
Horton Hires A Ho! will teach your ugly future fighter pilot how to make up for your mistake, now his curse, in the woman department by understanding how to always have available that hot-chick-for-an-hour option. You may want to couple this book with Randy Buys A Rubber, or if not, then maybe Cory Has the Clap. In any case, your child will have hours of fun sorting out pricing details and where the best locations might be to pick up new friends in your area. Horton Hires a Ho is a must buy for your butt-ugly offspring. It’s never too early for your child to learn that if they’re shunned by others and find themselves constantly alone that, for the right price, a friend and companionship can be bought.
Don’t condemn your appearance challenged child to a life without friends. Get Horton Hires A Ho! today.  

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