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Posted by rowdy on January 4, 2014

Are you grooming your child to become a fighter pilot? Of course you are. As in previous weeks, Fighter Pilot University would like to assist you in that process by recommending a series of children’s books that will help your child develop the skills, talents and characteristics necessary to become a top notch fighter pilot.
These aren’t books about flying, aerial combat or aviation techniques. You can get that kind of stuff anywhere. No, these unique books will provide your youngster with the personality, distinctive traits and attributes that your child will need to survive in the fighter pilot world of egos, arrogance and self-importance.
Today’s recommended reading for your young, future fighter pilot is The Little Engine That Couldn’t Because He Was A Worthless Bum Like Your Father. This book is imperative reading for your youngster because it will show them that as they progress in a career of any type, and especially the fighter pilot world, that there will come times when they must choose sides. Not all children will be lucky enough to learn this lesson on their own through common marital strife; mom or dad, who’s right, who to choose? The Little Engine That Couldn’t Because He Was A Worthless Bum Like Your Father will show your little one that many times they will have more than one boss, more than one supervisor, more than one commander and often, those multiple levels of superiors, don’t see eye-to-eye. 
Your future fighter pilot must learn early in life how to balance the confrontations that arise between the people that oversee his career. The Little Engine That Couldn’t Because He Was A Worthless Bum Like Your Father will show your child how to appropriately go all in on one side of a situation. It will show them how to straddle the fence (SFT). The book will reveal techniques on how to appear to support one side when in actuality they have allied themselves with the opponent. The tricky, but necessary, oops-I-picked-the-wrong-horse-now-how-to-get-back-with-the-winner maneuver is discussed in depth. 
The Little Engine That Couldn’t Because He Was A Worthless Bum Like Your Father will have a life long impact on everything your child does because they will know how to take sides. They’ll be cool at school. Regardless of athletic skills, they won’t just make the team they’ll be a starter. In college, they’ll hang with the right people and get the best grades. Finally, in the military, they’ll be the first to solo, the first flight lead and the first to reach instructor status. All this because your future fighter pilot learned early in life that hitching their ride to the right rising star is easier and less labor intensive than hard work.
Eventually, your child will have to choose sides. Sometimes he may be right sometimes he may be wrong. The Little Engine That Couldn’t Because He Was A Worthless Bum Like Your Father will show them how to make the best of either situation.
Get The Little Engine That Couldn’t Because He Was A Worthless Bum Like Your Father at Barnes & Noble or on It’s your choice, we think B&N is over priced and buying on-line is way more cool but you do what you think is best. You want to be like the cool guys here at FU and buy on-line or a book dork and wander endlessly at B&N? Pick your side.


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Posted by NickScott on
I could not help but take this book offer (The Little Train That Couldn`t Because He Was A Worthless Bum Like Your Father) seriously - or maybe I could . . ?

It seems to be a great book of Strategy or at least, tactics.

It is obvious in life that unless one has an iota of being an ***hole in one`s personality one is going to be forever subject to the whims of lesser mortals, who maybe manipulating dickheads and who will steer your life into a huge brick wall and then laugh about it in the pub.

Christmas, a time for loving and giving is not free of such cruds. My boss did not want me to go home - so slowed on the pay. I, tactically thinking, had the sense to fuel up with a load of Diesel prior to the holidays just in case. My ex, whom I went to visit over the holidays to see my almost ex kids, did not want me to come back to work either, so I fuelled up yet again - and lo yonder in the fullness of time, I was able to jump in the motor car and ***k off back to base.

In short - you have to protect your six o`clock because no other ****er is going to do it as well as you can.

For the long haul to the top of your career, be it flying the fastest machines or the comfortable gin and tonic carriers - there is a team out there somewhere along your route, whose sole job, sole raison d`etre` in life is to **** it all up for you and given half the chance they will. They are easily spotted by their negative attitudes - their ability to *iss on anything you saying rendering your sterling efforts apparently worthless and imprisoning you so they can have you all to themselves for something to punch every now and then to make them feel better because they have not got 10% of what you have got and you make them feel inadequate by being the great big YOU!

Don`t let the *ankers drag you down - ever.

Seek your (life`s or whatever . . ) target - stay safe and focused take aim and fire - don`t miss and don`t let any mother*****r make you miss.
For, without your achievements you will never be your COMPLETE self.

Or, in the words of the great one "NAIL THE BASTARDS"

This should prove to be a good . . .an EXCELLENT book.
Posted by NickScott on
Except for the fact is does not ****ing exist!!!
Posted by LRRPinator on
This is sound advice for those planning to make their kids run for office as well!
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