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Posted by Jolly on August 5, 2013

People often ask, what are the traits of a great fighter pilot? It’s an obvious question. Parents want to know what kind of qualities they should instill in their children so that they can grow up to be fighter pilots. Young people, who most assuredly have already decided they want to be a fighter pilot, want to know what disciplines and skills they need to work on to achieve their dream. To answer those questions and assist future generations of fighter pilots, Fighter Pilot University is launching a new series on characteristics that you will want to develop or encourage in others, to not only become a fighter pilot, but a great one. This series, taken along with our Fighter Pilot Child Development Book series, designed for younger children, will ensure that the right fighter pilot qualities are nurtured at the earliest possible time.

Today’s desired fighter pilot trait: Concern for Others. Fighter pilots want to help. They see a problem and they want to fix it. They see people with troubles or difficulties and they are ready to jump in and correct the situation. If they see a better way to do something they will definitely let people know. If a fighter pilot sees a guy with a goofy shirt on they’ll give him their opinion to help him avoid embarrassment. If they see a woman who would benefit from their advice on a better hairstyle or a more provocative perfume they will not hesitate to let her know how she can improve her looks or appeal. 

It’s all about a concern for others. Fighter pilots often take criticisms from people because they are certainly opinionated and willing to share their thoughts. But, think about it; if you were blessed with a keen eye and a quick mind and you knew that both would allow you to formulate rapid, correct opinions that can help others, wouldn’t you do the same.
Yes, when a fighter pilot states his mind, even if you're confused by his advise, 99.9% of the time you can take it to the bank, knowing it’s the right thing to do.

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