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Extreme Confidence

Posted by Jolly on August 11, 2013

People often ask, what are the traits of a great fighter pilot? It’s an obvious question. Parents want to know what kind of qualities they should instill in their children so that they can grow up to be fighter pilots. Young people, who most assuredly have already decided they want to be a fighter pilot, want to know what disciplines and skills they need to work on to achieve their dream. To answer those questions and assist future generations of fighter pilots, Fighter Pilot University is launching a new series on characteristics that you will want to develop or encourage in others, to not only become a fighter pilot, but a great one. This series, taken along with our Fighter Pilot Child Development Book series, designed for younger children, will ensure that the right fighter pilot qualities are nurtured at the earliest possible time.

Today’s desired fighter pilot trait: Extreme Confidence. Fighter pilots have to have complete confidence in their ability as an aviator and their skills to employ their jet as a weapon system. They must be self-assured in everything they do. To some that air of confidence comes off as arrogance, egotism, self-importance and, yes, assholishness. However, that confidence must be bred into a fighter pilot through hard work and in depth study of the threat, as well as his own aircraft and weapons capabilities. Fighter pilots always strive for perfection. With that knowledge and that drive he has to be confident that he can place a munition anywhere when needed, defeat any foe when confronted. You have to have confidence to survive in the fighter pilot world.
OK, sure, that kind of confidence can result in an aura of superiority and a you-need-to-know-me attitude. Confidence is at the core of the fighter pilot. It radiates from his very being. It’s not a switch that he can turn on and off. That’s why even when not in a flight suit, you can still tell a fighter pilot when he walks in a room. He exudes confidence. That’s why chicks dig fighter pilots. Women are drawn to fighter pilots because confidence emanates from every pore in their body. Confidence is to women, like nectar to the bee. Confidence is an aphrodisiac. Some people are repulsed when others exhibit a shameful display of hubris. Not when it’s a fighter pilot. Some men are envious but most want to be like him, to talk with him, to be in his presence. 
Extreme confidence is one of the most important qualities of a fighter pilot. If you don’t have it, get it any way you can. If you can’t get it…don’t apply.


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Posted by ndguy1722 on
A question...

You are selling 67th TFS reunion stuff. Has the reunion already taken place? If not, when and where is it? I was in the unit from '78 to '81

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