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Posted by rowdy on November 17, 2013


A fighter pilot’s wife can greatly enhance his career.  There are a myriad of things she can do to help but one of the best examples is from The Great Santini when his wife complains about his lack of feelings.


"I don't know why I even try to have a conversation with you," Lillian said angrily.  "It's hopeless to even try to make you feel things."


“A fighter pilot isn’t supposed to feel things.  He’s supposed to kill people.  You and the other split-tails can do all the feeling you want to, but I can’t.  I have a mission to do.  Period.”


“If a fighter pilot can’t feel things, then how can I feel things for the fighter pilot?”


“Because that’s your mission.  Your mission is to love the fighter pilot, cook good meals, police the house, and raise superior children.”


See what can be accomplished with a little open conversation.  Problem solved.  She now has her marching orders and knows where to go from here.  The fighter pilot's life will be much easier from this point on knowing that the home front is secure.

Speaking of split-tails. Good place to throw in a picture.

F-22 Raptor & F-15C Eagle
Photo by Unknown


Now, beyond the home environment, a wife can impress a fighter pilot’s peers and superiors alike in a social setting.  However, this can be a touchy situation.  If she strikes the right chords during casual conversation she can make a lasting impression that could just turn the tide when a commander or boss has a plum position or assignment that he needs to fill.  Of course, a negative impact could end a very promising career.  The video below will provide excellent guidance on how a wife needs to approach these group conversations.

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Women, know your fighter pilot's limits and become 

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Posted by surfisher on
Another split tail (my SEA ride):
Posted by butch71 on
My wife knows my limits and her's too. I have a wife that knows how to cook and drives pretty well.
Posted by Springer on
Helps to have a hot looking wife. My "ex" was and was always the center of attention in group settings.
Posted by AnimalsEve on
Love you boys!
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