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Posted by rowdy on August 27, 2013

Fighter pilots know that chicks dig them. They know that women want to be hit on by fighter pilots. They know that woman can sense their fighter pilot essence in or out of a flight suit, whether the fighter pilot is young or old, active flyer or not. Fighter pilots know that one of the best techniques to connect with a lady is a light innocent touch, maybe on the hand or on the arm. So, a fighter pilot, no matter how old, will use this knowledge should a pretty face happen into their world.  Fighter pilots never quit on the opportunity to connect.

Lt. Colonel (retired) "Skip" McPhearson

Of course, should that old fighter pilot find himself in a wheelchair, that light, innocent touch might have to be slightly adjusted to behind the knee, especially if it’s a woman wearing cowboy boots. Chicks wearing cowboy boots really, really dig fighter pilots.


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Posted by DuckPerry on
Awe yes...if only it were like circa 1985-cold war--fighter pilots were the rage... 6 months after "TOP GUN" was released!!!!
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