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Fighter Pilots Volunteer for Disaster Recovery

Posted by Jolly on January 26, 2010

There are calamities and disasters happening around the world on an almost daily basis. Each crisis is different and the response to the situation, of course, depends the extremity of the occurrence. Fighter pilots are not often tasked to support civil tragedies for various reasons. For example, the earthquake in Haiti does not call for fighter pilot support. Heavy guys and helo guys are much needed there and they do a tremendous job to help minimize the human suffering there.
However, there are lesser emergencies where fighter pilots can have an immediate impact. Take the situation in the video here. Just have a few fighter pilots walk into this adversity and the circumstances would be immediately concentrated, making clean up quick and easy. Once the problem women learned that fighter pilots were nearby their natural female yearnings would overcome their drunken stupors and they would flock to the fighter pilots. Hazardous clean up personnel could then rapidly surround the perimeter of the lusting women and take control of the melee.
Fighter pilots don't always need their fighter to come to the rescue.

(Explicit language and
 public nudity present.)

In a situation like this, if there aren't any fighter pilots available.  Rush to the FU Store and put our shirts on four or five regular guys.  With that, these women will still think there's fighter pilots in the area.  The lusting will not be as powerful but it will be sufficient to slowly concentrate the crowd and allow eventual cleanup.  

The FU Store, your one stop
 for control of any size Slut Spill.


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