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Fokker. Tricky Word.

Posted by Jolly on November 26, 2013


A BBC TV journalist is interviewing a elderly former Polish fighter pilot.

Interviewer: So Mr Stanczewski, I understand that in 1943 you shot down five German aircraft in a single engagement. Could you tell us what happened?

Polish Fighter Pilot: Well we were flying at 20,000 feet when we spotted five Fokkers flying along below us. So we dived down and I aimed at one of the Fokkers and fired a burst from my machine guns right into him and he exploded. Then I saw that one of the Fokkers was on my tail, so I pulled round in a loop and got behind him, and fired and he went down on fire. I looked around and saw two Fokkers attacking my squadron leader, so slipped in behind them, and fired, and that was another Fokker going down in flames. The other Fokker tried to get away from me, but I got right up behind him, and blasted him with my machine guns and turned over and exploded. There was only one of the Fokkers left now, and he was trying to get away, but I flew up behind him, shot - bang, bang, bang - and he blew up too!

Interviewer: I should point out for the benefit of the viewers at home, that the Fokker was a type of German aircraft used in the war.

Polish Fighter Pilot: No, no, no - these fokkers were Messerschmitts!


Posted by moblsco on
This one's a classic and I still laugh every time I hear/read it.
Posted by jmuxen on
Thrilled and honored to be allowed to join in the FU group.
I am a retired Corpsman the that was on a Coast Guard Air-Sea Rescue Chopper in Port Angeles, Washington and Kodiak Alaska. I also served on the old Albatross
Seaplane, a hand me down from the Air Force !-----The closest I ever came to jet
propulsion was JATO on the Sea-Plane.

You can be assured that all of you fighter-pilots are my heroes !-----I've been an avid fan of you guys, ever since I read about the life and times of Chuck Yeager!

One of my closest friends piloted in three wars !------The B-17 over Germany, the P-51 Mustang at the beginning of Korea, and tankers in Viet Nam.---He is 92 and is on his death-bed !

Thanks for listening----Jim Muxen HM2 USCG
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