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American Bar Crawl

Posted by Jolly on April 16, 2009

We had a couple articles lately about pub crawls in London. I thought it would be fun to do something similar right here at home. However, when you live in suburbia USA it's not easy to just go out and walk from one establishment to another. You gotta drive and you need a designated driver. Plus, there are a lot of pretty generic bars; not much unique from one to another. So I'm thinking, what can I use to compare one watering hole to another, what could be a central theme for an American bar crawl. That's when it came to me, waitresses! With that decided we set out to some of the local PG rated bar & grills. Below is the documentation of our evening, just four stops. Pictures are in the order of our visits. 

Just for comparison, I didn't find any waitresses like these in London.

(See if you can find the Playboy bunny image.Playboy logo)

Chelsea Bone Daddys
Chelsea at Bone Daddy's

Jessi Twin Peaks
Jessi at Twin Peaks

Chelsey Cutie Pies
Chelsey at Cutie Pies

Amanda Hooters
Amanda at Hooters


Posted by Sandy on
Jessi with Twin Peaks comes in first place
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