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Posted by aaron on February 4, 2010

Those were drinking days and most men drank hard. 

Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Every fighter pilot in the world wants to own a bar. Either a no kidding money making commercial establishment or, at the very least, a kickass in-home bar. Take our Rostock, Germany friends, Hurrel and Hooters.  They're retired Luftwaffe fighter pilots and owners of the Schallmauer (Sound Barrier), a kickass bar in Krash Landingnorthern Deutschland. On the in-home bar side, we got some pictures recently from Krash, a Fighter Pilot University alum. These are photos of his kickass home bar, The Krash Landing. Kickass name too. Established in 2009; only has a couple hundred years to catch up with some of the older drinking establishments around the world but this is a great start. There are fighter pilots the world over that would give their left nad for a bar like this.  What an awesome little piece of heaven on earth. Krash says we're all invited.


Krash Landing

What a kickass sight to come home to.

Krash Landing behind the bar

I see the Jack.

FU design - 92nd FS MugOK, you gotta have some FU gear if you're going to have a fighter pilot bar at home.  Maybe the best thing to have from the FU Store is this kickass 22 ounce beer mug. This one is emblazoned with the 92nd Fighter Squadron, no longer in existance. With over 150 designs in the FU Store you're sure to find something you'll like. Retired squadron patches, present squadron patches, fighter designs, kickass fighter pilot designs, roundels; it's all there in the FU Store. FU gear will make your bar, commercial or at home, a way more kickass place. Get to the FU Store today. Visit often. Buy often. Kickass!!



Posted by slw on
I would love a bar like that in our house, just as you come in the front door just like a pub, that is an amazing sight and well done to Krash Pub.
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