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Posted by aaron on June 9, 2009

Comics courtesy of our bud at Air Force Blues.

Air Force Blues Comics

Pretty much everyone knows that this is the way it should go when a fighter pilot meets the opposite sex. Just four simple words and the hook is set. It happens in bars all over the world every day and night.

AF Blues Comics

Now there are rare occasions when that targeted member of the opposite sex is not impressed with who you are. More than likely, unlike the situation above, this person has suffered a head injury or an illness, with an associated high fever, which does not allow their brain to function normally there after. When this lack of wonder, awe and admiration isn't readily apparent, it's best for the fighter pilot to extract himself quickly so as not to embarrass the intended conquest by highlighting their obvious disability.

53d Fighter Squadron Eifel TigersWhen you're out carousing, make sure you wear the right thing that says, "Look at me, I'm a fighter pilot." Sure, it's obvious to most people but why not help the folks that are a little slow. Get some FU gear. Now there will be no doubt, in any place you walk into, that you are a fighter pilot. Don't make it hard for the people that have a little difficulty making up their mind.  Just put it out there with FU gear; yes, I am a fighter pilot, your adoration is fine and, really,  it's expected. Get your FU gear in the FU Store.


Posted by Sandy on
very witty and great characters Karl Marx would be proud
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