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Free Beer For Fighter Pilots

Posted by aaron on June 17, 2008

Our friends at the Schallmauer (Sound Barrier) in Rostock, Germany have a special offer for you.  If you show up at their bar wearing Fighter Pilot University gear, you'll drink beer free for the night.  That's a serious offer, even though it requires a trip to northern Germany, given the present Euro/US Dollar exchange rate.  Damn, free beer for the night in a kickass German bar!  That's gotta be worth close to $60,000.  Plus, current intell from Hurrel and Hooters tells us there's plenty of nude beaches on the shores of the nearby Baltic sea.  

Free beer, nude beaches; what more do you need or want?

Hurrel and Hooters, owners of Schallmauer.  Both 
retired Luftwaffe MiG-29 Fulcrum pilots

This could be you.  Hurrel and Hooters demo all you need to 
do for a night of free beer in their bar.  Any Fighter Pilot University
shirt or hat will qualify you for a night of the amber nectar.


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