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Free Jack Daniel's

Posted by aaron on April 15, 2008

There's a fighter pilot bar in Rostock, Germany called Schallmauer (Sound Barrier). It's owned by Hurrel and Hooters, two retired Luftwaffe MiG-29 fighter pilots, along with their friend Sven, a lawyer (they always worm their way in, don't they). At Schallmauer, Jack Daniel's is free. Well, it's free for everyone except one unlucky soul.  At Schallmauer they use a blackened out Jack Daniel's bottle and have it upside down in one of those pouring contraptions that are common in Europe, like here on the right.  A clear,glass, one shot portion dispenser is at the bottom of the devise.  Press your glass up on the dispenser and it'll pour a shot of your liquor into your glass.  Since the bottle is situated upside down it fills the clear, glass, one shot portion dispenser back up.  At least as long as there's more liquor in the bottle.  And that's where the Jack Daniel's is free at the Schallmauer comes into play.  As long as the portion dispenser fills completely, your Jack is free. However, since the bottle has been blackend out, no one knows how much of the whiskey remains.  If the liquor quantity in the blackened out Jack bottle doesn't replenish the dispenser to the very top, you just bought a replacement bottle of Jack Daniel's for Schallmauer, thank you very much. If you're lucky enough to be present when the bottle runs dry, well, you're in luck. You know there's going to be some no threat, free Jack Daniel's available for a good bit of time. That kicksass!


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