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Ideal Woman for Fighter Pilots

Posted by aaron on September 9, 2008

We've discussed this issue before. These are the things you must ponder when you're in the bar. Danger lurks everywhere. When it comes to picking the woman that you want to spend the rest of you life with, or at least an extended period, use caution.  Look for qualities and characteristics that support the relationship you desire.  Here's a few illustrations of what to look for.

She must be willing to put every ounce of her being into 
the relationship.  She must be well balanced and willing to 
throw her weight into solving issues should the wheels 
begin to fall off the relationship.

A strong relationship requires work and dedication.  
She must be willing to carry her share of the load.

There will be turbulent times in every relationship.  
She must be willing to put her oars in the water and
 pull to keep the relationship on course.

She must cage any desires to have relationships above her's 
with you.  She must understand that any other relationships,
 mother, sister, girlfriend, must take a backseat to you.

She must be kickass hot!!


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