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Jeremiah Weed

Posted by Jolly on September 14, 2012

When fighter pilots gather, eventually a round of shots will appear so a toast can be made to someone or something. The shots could contain just about anything but typically it’s Jack Daniel's, Captain Morgan, or any kind of Tequila. Recently Jagermeister has snuck into the equation. In Europe, especially Germany, they’ll pour Apfelkorn, a sweet drink with a mean kick. Or who knows what weird liqueur they’ll use because there are plenty to choose from; Underberg, Fernet-Branca or Becherovka.  Once in a while Ouzo or Grappa will be the toasting liquor of choice. In the Boelke Wing at Norvenich Air Base just west of Cologne, Germany they like to light their shots on fire and call them Afterburners. Regardless of the liquor used, the most infamous and most feared is the dreaded Jeremiah Weed.  Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Weed. 

Jeremiah Weed is a bourbon liqueur manufactured in Connecticut and sold in limited quantities in the United States, mostly at and around Air Force installations. Its alcohol content is 50% (100 proof). Its flavor is relatively strong and somewhat sweet.

Jeremiah Weed has earned notoriety and has become a favorite drink of the American fighter pilot, especially in the United States Air Force. It is so popular among this small, elite demographic that it has gained a cult following. Jeremiah Weed is a very significant element of American fighter pilot culture. How Jeremiah Weed came to be the drink of the fighter pilot is a matter of legend.

According to the guy who makes this high octane drink, It may be used by alien figther pilots on Mars.  Who knew?



Our buddies, the world famous fighter pilot band Dos Gringos, recorded "Jeremiah Weed" on their album Live at the Sand Trap.  You can hear right here for your entertainment.  Don't be alarmed, just music, no video.




Jeremiah Weed. Be afraid, be very afraid!


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