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Memo to Snako -- Not These Beers!

Posted by Jolly on March 29, 2010

The FU Beer tasting team drank at the Breckenridge Brewery, a fairly well known place in the Rockies.  They produce a couple of respectable beers and serve good food.  One of the featured brews was, get this, Breckenridge Brewery Blueberry Porter!  So we were thinking: how San Francisco/Key West gay is that?  That's beyond the French speaking, sit to pee winner - Stella Artois-Light!  We expected to see a group of light-in-the-loafers flight attendants clamoring around the bar for a little sip. 

So the FU Beer tasting team thought it might be fun to start a list that we can add to with your help; kind of a 'Letterman' list if you will.   Please post your comments below and we will add to the list as we go.  So, here are the first two on our list of:


1) Breckenridge Brewery Blueberry Porter
2) Stella Artois - Light
3) Zima
4) Michelobe Ultra (Sorry D-Day)
5) Mount Gay Rum (Trap---never heard of this one?)
6) ?????  Feel free to add below in the comment section


Posted by Trap on
Michelob Ultra (Sorry D-Day)

...and Mount Gay Rum
Posted by Marco on
$9 Jack and Cokes in Coconut Grove are gay. your crew chief. I lost your number.

Posted by scooter on
Bush N.A.
Posted by Bashful on
Bud 55
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