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Tequila, Nectar of the Gods or Satan's Venom?

Posted by Jolly on February 26, 2008

Drink Responsibly, DAMN IT!
Here at Fighter Pilot University that is our motto, our creed, our mantra, dare I say, our idiom. We support the smart, adult use of alcoholic beverages in a social environment. We strongly encourage taking care of your friends and acquaintances should they cross that threshold of acceptable intake of intoxicating drink. Crossing that line can be quite inviting however, because once there, men are stronger and women are prettier.
We’ve mentioned before that when fighter pilots gather socially, quite often it will result in a toast of some sort. Tequila appears to be the most common toasting elixir of choice. For some reason, Tequila seems to have a far greater ability than most beverages containing a level of alcohol to provide great wit, tremendous vision and enormous strength. So it’s very enticing to drink more than you should. 

That’s why we’re here today, as a public service, to give you the up side but also the very real down side of tequila.
Listen and take heed.



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