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Posted by rowdy on September 1, 2013

When guys are in The Bar, the discussion will eventually get to women. That's one of the required topics. Next time it comes up, these details will allow you to impress your friends with your deep thoughts and grasp of complex issues.

You’ve heard it before. No matter how good looking a woman is, someone’s tired of her. That’s been true since Delilah, who we’re told was kickass hot, did that hair number on Samson. You know when he woke up he’d reached his limit with her. 
You gotta be careful when you pick someone to spend long periods of time with, like maybe even your entire life. Beauty fades. Small, thin frames get osteoporosis and then bones crack. Guess who takes care of who when that happens. Tight, supple bodies sag. Interest in certain activities will wane; if there was ever any there to begin with. Whiskers eventually sprout. 
Face it, you have to give priority to a woman’s qualities that will last; a strong back, powerful arms and hips that can offset a heavy load. There’s going to be beer to carry and you’re going to need help. For the long haul, both figuratively and literally, be smart. Don’t make a choice that could cause you regret or extra work in the future.


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