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Posted by aaron on February 21, 2008

Fighter pilots, as a working group, are probably just about the most healthy people around, both physically and mentally. Most fighter pilots use some form of exercise program to stay physically fit. However, a mental exercise plan is just as important to keep the mind sharp and quick.
That is why we recommend a very simple mind game to improve your fighter pilot mental skills in terms of making faster, more effective decisions and choices. You can perform this easy exercise just about anywhere but doing it in The Bar is possibly the most challenging environment because it usually provides a myriad of choices and forces the fighter pilot to concentrate while impacted by numerous distractions and also, when possibly not at his peak mental capacity. This mental exercise is called Would/Wouldn’t.
Would/Wouldn’t will build your mental skills. It will help you make split second choices. Although Would/Wouldn’t is certainly not a reality based process, it’s goal is to force you into swift assessments and  rapid decisions. There are no right answers in Would/Wouldn’t. One fighter pilot’s Would is another fighter pilot’s Wouldn’t, and vice versa. Would/Wouldn’t is based on subjective alternatives to develop your intellectual tools. The objective of the exercise is to build your fighter pilot mind set to make more effective, lightning fast decisions.
Here’s how it works. When you first see a woman, quickly decide if you would be willing to enter into a physical relationship with her. If you would, she’s a Would, if not, she’s a Wouldn’t. Sounds simple but remember, to maximize the benefits of this mental exercise, try it in The Bar. In The Bar, it’s usually after a long day. Your mental dexterity is somewhat impaired due to fatigue and artificially impacted by various beverages. That’s when you truly need to test yourself, when you need to improve your mental process; the times when you’re not at your best.
Again, Would/Wouldn’t is not intended to demean or belittle any group of people or those of the opposite sex. Heavens no. It’s normal human nature to assess members of the opposite sex. Men evaluate women, women evaluate men. Remember, Would/Wouldn’t is a means to improve your decision-making process and ability to formulate speedy decisions. Do not allow others to drag Would/Wouldn’t down to some seedy frat boy game.
Remember, your choices may not agree with ours, there is no wrong answer. Now let’s give it a try. 

To begin, let's keep it simple.


Opinions vary, of course, so this one is a little more difficult.


Force yourself to make your decision as quickly as possible.


The dexterity thing makes it tougher, doesn't it?




Nobody's perfect.


Somebodies cup of tea.


Quick! Don't hesitate. Build your mind skills.


Mental exercise can be as draining as any physical activity so just a couple more.


Last one.  Good job, you've pushed yoursefl.


We're sure you can see the value of this little mental exercise.  Do it when ever your mind starts to wander.  We suggest a three to four times a day regimen. Push yourself to make rapid assessments. Force yourself to make quick decisions. The mental skills you build will make you a better fighter pilot in everything you do.

To be a good fighter pilot, there is one prime requisite — think fast, and act faster.

                                                                                                  Major John T. Godfrey, USAAF






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