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Bardog Tavern in Memphis

Posted by borg on March 15, 2010

Bardog Tavern - MemphisWhen in Memphis the next time I recommend that you take the time for a few amber nectars or your favorite highball at the Bardog. This place is located on Monroe Avenue in downtown Memphis just one block over from Union Avenue. The place is my kind of joint with the dive look and feel that can trap you into an all-afternoon session of day-drinking or work to your advantage for a late nighter with the bros. The food there is awesome and the bartenders will poor you a great drink. For those of you that are wine drinkers, they have an ever-changing wine list as well. You will fit in with any dress; the clientele range from reprobates, like me in jeans, to suits and ties. That pretty much sums it up; when a bar attracts everyone it is usually kickass!


Bardog location in MemphisThey also have a cool advertisement on their website; it says: “Sit. Stay. Drink… Good Boy”. That is double kickass clever! Their site is and it’s really easy to navigate. This place took care of some of my friends during a recent medical emergency that had a bro held up in a downtown hospital. The Bardog went over the top to take care of the family with copious amounts of wine and food.


Dive atmosphere, cold brew, Jack Daniel’s and hospitality. Sounds like a fighter pilot's dream to me.

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