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Posted by aaron on May 8, 2008

Recently, Borg and I traveled to one of the most unique bars anywhere in the world. We took our wives and some friends to Mamou, Louisiana, a three hour drive northwest of New Orleans, an hour north of Lafayette. There in this small Cajun town is Fred’s Lounge. What makes Fred’s Lounge so special? It’s only open one day a week, Saturday, from 7:30AM to 2PM. Yes, pretty much just Saturday morning.   Beyond that, they have live really kickass Cajun/Zydeco bands that make the bar really jump.
Fred’s Lounge is not big, maybe 1200 square feet. If you get there early, before nine, you can take in some of the atmosphere and watch the band set up. At nine the band kicks in, a local radio station begins live coverage and the people begin to pour in. Eventually there’ll be 150-200 people with most of them dancing a cajun jig or two-step.

The place is run by quite a character, Tante Sue, Fred’s widow (he moved on in 1992). She’ll sing a few songs herself and maybe even offer you a swig of her “Hot Damn” cinnamon schnapps that she carries on her hip in a leather holster.

Borg, Tante Sue, Bent and Rowdy

Fred’s Lounge is world renowned. The day we were there we talked to folks from California, Florida and Maine, in addition to a German couple. Apparently it’s mentioned on a French travel brochure as an “American must see.” Celebrities of all sorts have visited the place. Each of the major US television networks have done a stories about Fred’s.
Mamou is a bit out of the way but it’s well worth the trip. The music is awesome. The people, locals and tourists, great. It’s a unique, exciting, fun experience. Fighter Pilot University gives Fred’s Lounge its highest recommendation.


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