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Posted by Jolly on August 4, 2007

Most fighter pilots are always on the look out for the best place to buy beer. Whether it’s price, selection or convenience, it’s an on going quest.
Recently I was visiting my son and his wife, who live near Iowa City, Iowa, USA. After an evening meal at one of the local pizzerias in Iowa City, we walked over to John’s. They wanted to show me the beer selection available there. Of course, I was somewhat dubious. After all, I live in the big city, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, where the beer selection is usually quite satisfactory, pretty much wherever you go. Plus, I lived in Germany, and, on a regular basis, visited the big getränk
markts for goodness sakes. I know my beer and I know when a place has a good selection.
Man, was I ever kickass impressed at John’s! They had by far the biggest selection of beers I have ever seen in a single establishment. They had everything from the lambic, Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus, to the heavy Schlenkerla märzen rauchbier. Of course, they couldn’t have every label but the choice was amazing. Doppelbock, stout, kölsch, pilsner, port, pale ale and on and on. What made it even better was a huge cooler that, once you made your choice, allowed you to more than likely get it already cooled. 
John’s is a little, corner market in Iowa City, Iowa, USA, 401 East Market Street, that’s been around since 1948. They carry 1900 different brews, 133 from Belgium alone. They offer 100 different beers in kegs and all the snacks and munchies you’ll ever need. 
Beyond that, they carry an incredible wine selection with over 1500 labels and an extraordinary assortment of accompanying cheeses.
John’s might be a bit off the beaten path, but if your travels take you through the Hawkeye state and you’re anywhere close, make the stop in Iowa City. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Oh yeah, or you can visit them on line,


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