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Pink Taco

Posted by Jolly on October 9, 2009

On a recent trip to Vegas, Borg and I happened upon this bar & grill in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. I was quite surprised, because of the name, that they weren't a Mexican restaurant.  At least I don't think so. Didn't really get in the place, but, from outside, I figured it must be a seafood place since it had a kind of fishy smell.*

Pink Taco

Rowdy & Borg

*What did the blind fighter pilot say as he walked by the fish market?

"Hello ladies."

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Posted by Slypig on
Rowdy, You and I have shared the same callsign, Nail33. I was at NKP till the end of the war then went on to Laughlin, then F-101s, F-4C/Ds, F-15s. I flew for UAL and retired. Would like to hear from you.

Jim Cunningham, Nail33/Slypig, Brig Gen (ret), USAF
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