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Posted by Jolly on December 23, 2007

saddlehorn.jpgIf you’re cruising around Tucson on a booze quest, I suggest you take the time to experience one of FU’s favorite libation replenishers. The Saddle Horn Saloon is located at 6300 E Tanque Verde which is east and north of Davis Monthan AFB. From the base it’s about ten minutes in the always necessary cab. This joint has pictures of all the true American heroes like John Wayne and Clint placed on almost every square inch of wall space. They don’t believe in fruit drinks and the beer is so cold you might piss ice cubes for the rest of the day.
I’ve been hanging out in there for going on 14 years when I find myself in Arizona and I haven’t met a bad patron in the place as of yet. You may run into a state senator, a miner, a retired fighter pilot, a hippie, or just your run-of-the-mill drunk but you’re definitely going to make new friends if you take my advice and stop by.
On Wednesday nights they serve a steak that will make your mouth water but you better get there early if you want to partake. They don’t serve them for very long. I personally like to day-drink there on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. If you go there on Sunday for football, later in the evening you can walk about 60 yards north and experience the Cow Pony. Another fine establishment for the inebriated connoisseur. I’ll write them a plug at another date. You also have Pinnacle Peak steaks and Hooters right there in the vicinity. Just think…old west style, kickass bar, steaks everywhere, and titties just across the street with even more beer. I don’t know if I found heaven but I can see it from there.


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