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Why Boeing is Winning

Posted by Jolly on June 30, 2011

Myself and several FU Alumni just returned from a recent trip to the Paris Air Show.  The day before we arrived they had pushed back an A-380 into a hanger and dinged a wing tip.  The day we were there, the French attempted to push back another A-380 over the crowd so it could launch for the air show.  It was a serious clown act.  

The security folks attempted to push the crowd away from the A-380, and after seeing it was impossible to get about 6000 people out of the way, they just pushed the airplane back with the wings and engines directly over the crowd.  The number 4 engine was about 10 feet from me.  Brilliant!  Those crazy Frogs.  If Charlie Sheen were there I'm sure he would have said "Advantage Boeing, Winning."

Speaking of Charlie, Rumor has it that all his F-18 bros shop at the FU Store


Posted by brian on
Winning No Shit!
Posted by lrborca on
If I wanted a plastic airplane, I would buy the hobby shop...lrborca
Posted by rbhankes on
I would've zapped an engine with an A-10 patch.
Posted by Springer on
Don't bitch about an Airbus until you have flown one. Btw, the only American pilot at Airbus is a former F-4, F-16, and USAF Test Pilot grad.
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