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A-10 Replacement?

Posted by Jolly on September 2, 2014


Here's a great video from one of the A-10 designers, Peirre Sprey.  He goes into great detail on the design requirements that went into the Warthog.  Mr Sprey explains why there is no aircraft on deck to replace the A-10.  The present view of having the F-35, F-16, or F-15E pick up the A-10s close support mission is a pipe dream.  Why you ask?  Are you really going to risk a $80+ million dollar asset on the high threat close air support mission, with 15-30 minutes of on station time, an airframe that would be very vulnerable to ground fire, and do it all with a single engine jet?  I don't think so, but you Hog drivers feel free to add to the list of why retiring the A-10 without a suitable replacement is a bad idea.  You ground pounders that have counted on the A-10 to save your bacon chime in too.  A 30 mm cannon is a great negotiating tool, size does matter apparently.

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Posted by grumpyoldcrow on
The most cost effective solution is to update the existing airframe with newer motors and avionics, especially regarding electronic and infrared countermeasures. As a CAS platform, the A-10 reigns supreme, although some may argue today's AC-130 also performs this mission admirably.
Posted by Ingo on
Excellent video Jolly! Never flew Hogs, but knew as an F4 guy that we were pretty marginal at CAS in Europe, especially when the weather was lousy, as it usually was. When the FAC said he had "tanks in a treeline" it was usually just luck or a great FAC that got our eyes on the targets...we were just moving too fast...and didn't want to slow down to make us grapes for the ZSU-23/4 threat. Sure hope the Air Force finds the money to retain the A-10s for this most important mission, especially because of the wars we seem to be fighting these days...
Posted by butch71 on
Another great video of the A-10 as it lives up to its reputation like the P-47 Thunderbolt of World War II.
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