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DOD Demasculinization

By Jolly on November 7, 2013 in WTFO

  I had this article sent in that was posted on by Todd Starnes.  It seems the ultimate political correct military organization, DOD's Equal Opportunity Gurus, feel that White Christian Heterosexual Males hold an unfair advantage over other races.Read More >

PC-ness Run Amuck

By Jolly on September 24, 2013 in WTFO

I was forwarded this from a fighter pilot bro this morning: FU bros, I just read the blog article on Fighter Pilot Retention, and it got me fired up all over again.Read More >

Big Gamble

By Lester on September 19, 2013 in WTFO

The US Air Force's Big Gamble A lot of you may have seen this video floating around the Internet and Facebook the last week or so.Read More >

A-10 Flake

By Lester on August 22, 2013 in WTFO

I had this article from the Arizona Daily Independent forwarded to me from Kevin(click here to listen to the audio of the interview).Read More >

BS Bonus

By Jolly on July 23, 2013 in WTFO

No, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that our current fighter pilot shortage has everything to do with PC run amuck and nothing to do with money.Read More >

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