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We read somewhere that 97% of the world's population loves fighter pilots. With that statistic in mind, we feel it's imperative to respond to the cry of the masses that yearn to hear the point of view of the fighter pilot with respect to concerns of the day.

Here at the Fighter Pilot University WTFO Blog we will do just that. We will comment on the world, the people and the issues that are happening around the globe. It may be a statement about an every day occurrence as insignificant as a man trying to rescue his cat from a tree only to end up requiring his own rescue by the fire department from the very same tree. Or, it could be driving commentary about a world leader, political figure or entertainment celebrity.

Fighter Pilot University knew that it was only a matter of time before you asked for this necessary service. We know you want to read what fighter pilots think about the things impacting your life.

If you have a topic that concerns you, one that you would like addressed by a fighter pilot, send it to us. Volume of requests may delay a response but, rest assured, we know our opinion is important to you because it certainly is important to us.

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South Korean F-4E Phantom II's

Photo courtesy of Unknown

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