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Air Travel--The Industry We're Losing

Posted by borg on May 18, 2009

We live in the greatest country in the history of this planet . . . By far.  My response to the naïve individual who dares to compare our existence to that of other countries is to verify if they’ve been out of our great nation to the “utopias” they claim to relish. I mean no disrespect to our neighbors of the world; I’ve simply had the advantage of traveling to their lands and seeing, first hand, the obvious differences in terms of freedom and quality of life. The elite in our society that travel and live in only what the foreign country wants them to see have no qualified opinion. That sample case is not reality and of no value in the apple to apple realm (ex: Penn ((traitor)) in Iraq before the last gulf war). Now you may be asking yourself what I’m leading to based on the title of this blog. Here we go.
Cathay Pacific AirlinesWe’ve always been able to do anything better than the rest of the world based on competition and service. Apples to apples we won every time; including when we were up against foreign competition that was government supplemented by our competitors. The airline industry was in that fold. I can tell you that this is no longer the case. I’ve been traveling extensively to Asia and Europe. I’m here to tell you that our worst nightmare is open skies in our country if you work for an American carrier in any capacity. Like the Asian auto industry, the service on the Asian carriers is so far superior in comfort, dining, service, entertainment, and respect that I’m not sure we can catch up. Their ticket prices on average are also the same or lower. We better hope they don’t get to fly American domestic routes if we want our airline job base to exist.
Singapore AirlinesThe most embarrassing part of my recent trips has been returning to LAX and going through that third world looking airport and being treated worse than the cattle I raised for slaughter as a kid. We are Americans and we are losing a battle we could win if we just pulled our heads out of our asses and realized that regardless of our internal business issues . . . treating the customer like shit is not going to help our long term situation. Incidentally, the service at their hotels and restaurants are going the same direction comparatively.
We lost our manufacturing base in our great land and have become a service industry in many respects. We better start doing a better job at our chosen plight or we will lose this economic staple as well. Remember, this situation over time in multiple sectors of our society affects the big picture. When we don’t lead the world economies we don’t lead the world strength.   


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