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An Alarming Problem

Posted by Jolly on November 5, 2007

A fairly recent trend has been rearing its head in our great society. We seem to have a growing number of hot female teachers who have decided that they aren’t getting what they “need” at home. Most of these women are young and married and from what I’ve seen their significant others look to be fairly “normal joes”. I’m not sure if the press is only reporting the “hot” perpetrators or if ugly teachers simply don’t have personal desires after looking at themselves in the mirror. Whatever the case, the photos of these “criminals” are generally off the charts on the vixen side. I’ve got one question for these terrible corrupters of our youth…. where were you when I was in high school? YGBSM!!! I don’t know what I would have done if my opportunity “arose”. I can assure you of one thing, the experience, while personally satisfying, would have been remarkably short and to the point.


Debbie Lafave
Notorius Florida middle school teacher who 
criminally allowed a young boy to realize the dreams
of millions to do their hot teacher

In addition to their stupidity in choices and ethics, do they think that the story is not going to leave the study hall? If you’re the current receiver of the “luckiest boy in the world experience” (LBIWE), YOU WILL TELL ALL OF YOUR BROS…Period. Hell, I’d of taken out an add. As judgment goes we are not dealing with the cream of the crop.
I have a solution. I know you’re shocked. I find that the fighter pilot lieutenants and ensigns in the Air Force, Marines and Navy seem to look younger every year. Most of them are going through some education process related to flying. It certainly qualifies them as “school boys.” And they are perfectly willing and legal to bang teachers to their hearts content. I’m sure I could get them to dress in any way that these nymphs desired and they would probably travel thousands of miles to sacrifice for the nation in the protection of our male children. Sound out and let me know if you will step up as purveyors of justice. I’ll do my best to do my part in helping you “do” yours.
In short, don’t be selfish. I’m asking for our young single fighter pilots to show their caring side for our youth. Will you do your part and bop a teacher for the team? I know I would have.


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