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An Unacceptable Similarity

Posted by borg on June 22, 2009

I was walking through a large outdoor shopping area in Guangzhou China a couple of days ago and it struck me as strange that, on a Thursday (non holiday), there were so many middle aged people walking around at this market that apparently had no jobs that they were missing. They didn’t seem to buy much but they were certainly there in droves. I’m talking about thousands of people of all ages. I’m not criticizing their way of life; just making an observation that in America we tend to be at work and the shopping masses are out on the weekend. I have seen this in China on many occasions as I have seen the poverty that is apparent in the majority of this city; poverty that we in America can’t imagine. As I walked through this area I thought about what capitalism has afforded America and how lucky we are to be brought up in such a great system. Obviously, the system of socialized economies is not where it’s at and the Chinese are rapidly moving toward liberalizing their hard line policy. Maybe we should take that into account. As we move ever closer to socialism… perhaps we should ask ourselves if we are moving in the right direction. Socialized medicine?! Ask the Canadians. Socialized economies?! Ask the Russians. I can go on and on but the fact is that most people who are advocating the massive changes to our system live in a dream world and have never been outside of their borders. The utopia they think exists outside of our country just doesn’t hold true. Sure there are the advantaged few that have it good but when you see the truth of the majority; you wouldn’t want anything to do with the alternative.
There are other things that sparked my interest as well. As I was watching the news in China (NBC because that was all I could get in English), they were reporting on the Iran elections. As soon as there was a parallel between Iran and China in terms of election issues and oppression of the people and their views, the TV blacked out on this channel. Thinking that it was a coincidence I watched the news cycle until it returned to the same issue about an hour later and guess what… the TV blacked out again on this same topic as the similarities were questioned. I started checking this out on other channels and the same thing applied; anything not flattering to the state was immediately blacked out. This is what happens when you are not allowed to think for yourself. When I see our politicians trying to sensor talk radio by making it illegal without “equal time” from the other side, it makes we wonder where we’re going. Everyone knows that most of the media is left leaning but when someone reports outside of that venue in one area suddenly our nation’s law makers need to sensor it. This similarity may not be directly related to our changing policies concerning the economy and folks getting something for nothing but it sure seems that way. When you start taking from the productive to give to the non-productive in the name of equality there is bound to be outrage. The only way to stop or slow down this outrage is to not allow people to talk about it. Ask the Iranians… they were just told by their religious leader that they have no right to dissent…like the current government did in the 70’s. That right stopped with the current administration evidently. We need to ask ourselves the most important question of our time. Is this where we want to go? If you think I’m over-stating the problem just go back two decades and ask yourself if the policies we are allowing would have had a chance in hell of even being considered. Wage Czars, socialized medicine and censoring the media just to name a few. We now have a Czar, one single person, appointed by the president, who can decide what wage a businessman can receive in companies that took or were forced to take government bailout monies. There was no national debate, there was no vote; it just happened unilaterally. That scares me. It should scare you.  


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