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Keeping Our Oath

Posted by Jolly on December 31, 2011


We avoid endorsing politicians here at Fighter Pilot University, but I can no longer tolerate the lies being told about an American who's primary motivation is to keep his Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  It's the same Oath we've all taken and honored since the day we were commissioned.  How is a foreign policy that honors our Constitution dangerous?  We should only be fighting Wars that are declared by congress in accordance with that wonderful document.  Period, Dot, End of Statement!  That has not happened since WW II.  

It's a free country; vote as you wish.  But if you feel like you would be wasting your vote on someone who actually honors the same Oath we all took then I think you're missing the point, and our Republic and Constitution will continue to be destroyed by the political elite we have in Washington.  Most of them have never served, but they have no problem calling on us to do their dirty work.  I'll probably be bashed by the likes of Beaner for posting this video, but go ahead and bring it.  I'm in my block ready to play---Fights On.  


Posted by Dagodude on
After reading many articles and seeing him in debates and then seeing this video....I'm definitely switching to RON PAUL for president! He absolutely knows his American history and WHY we're in such hell holes as Iraq and the 'Stan and I am in total agreement with him....spend the money INSIDE America and not overseas helping to line the pockets of a select few of despots!
Posted by svandevender on
Happy to see one fighter pilot to realize that what we have in D.C. is destroying our freedoms. Anyone we can provide is better than what we have been subjected to for the past 3 years, including some members of Congress. As to Ron Paul, if he runs as an independent, he will virtualy assure that the big "O" will reign again. I agree it is time to support others in the Middle East; for example, Israel. Maybe there is a chance that a real fighter jock may be needed again! Cheers...
Posted by Ltfuzz on
Here's another dumb jock (Deuces and Phantoms) who likes Dr. Paul. I'm hoping that he might be able to change the momentum of our country. He's said he won't do a third party thing and I hope that he meant it. But time will tell and there is a lot of stuff behind the scenes we don't hear or see (yes, I believe in conspiracies and big $$).
Posted by mikenaye on
I'm all in for a guy that knows what's going on with the economy and our descent into a police state AND he tells it like it is. He's committed to reducing the size of the government and the debt as well as returning to the Congress the responsibility to declare war...and once it's declared, kick ass, take names and come back home. Ron Paul is that kind of a guy.
Posted by JCDavis on
While Paul has some valid points (i.e. illegal wars like Obama did to Libya). I can't believe you would agree that America was responsible for 9/11 because we are involved in Middle East countries, or that you wouldn't back Navy Seals in the killing of Obama as justified, or that we should not be spying on Iran to ascertain the status of their nuclear bomb program, or that we shouldn't even have armed or spy drones over foreign governments. These are all policies advocated by Paul. What does he propose we do, ask the Pakistan gov't to please hand over Obama. Or should we ask our soldiers to detain all combatants and read them their 'Miranda rights'? If you believe that then you must believe that Pearl Harbor was justified to be attacked by the Japanese. Wish I could combine all the attributes of the 6 running into one but I can't and I think Paul's foreign policy insights are dangerous to America and it military.
Posted by Jolly on
I don't think Paul is out there on his foreign policy. He's consistently said he would only go to War if Congress declared War--then he would fight to WIN and bring the troops home as soon as it's over. What's dangerous about following the Constitution? As far as his position on Iran, I think he's been clear that he does not want to provoke a War with Iran over their desire to have a nuclear weapon. Of course they want a Nuke, look what happened to Kadafe when he gave up his nukes. Beside, do you really think Israel will ever let those wackos get a nuke? It's not gonna happen. But for us to be the world police and decide who can and who can't --- where do we get that authority from the constitution?

I don't think Paul has said we are responsible for 911, the crazies that did that are. BUT, he has said there is "BLOW BACK" from our foreign policy in the MIddle East since we put The Shah of Iran in place in 1953 through a CIA sponsored Coup.

Our Presidents have been userping the Constitution since Korea. We have not had a declared War since WW 2, and have been in a continuous state of WAR since Gulf 1 and now the War on Terror (how do you win a War on Terror without killing every radical Muslim on the planet). This is just another NO WIN War and the same people are profiting from the WAR thing and Americans like you and I are the sorry SOBs used to go fight our Presidents non-declared never ending Wars. I like the way McArthur said it---"There's no substitute for victory." We can't afford to be the World Police any longer and our Country can't survive without following the Constitution as it was written. We swore an Oath to defend it, that's all I'm saying---and that's all Ron Paul is saying.

All these so called conservatives are false conservatives, including Santorum:

- He supported Allen Spector (no conservative)
- He voted for TARP
- He voted yes to Iraq
- He wants a War with Iran
- He voted to double the department of Educations size and scope
- He voted for Prescription Drug Socialism

He's no more conservative than Newt (who is in a love fest with him now) and will continue to ignore the Constitution when he does not like how it ties his hands on spending and Wars. They all will, except Ron Paul. I agree he won't get elected, which is too bad because he's our only hope to restore America. Everyone else will spend us into bankruptcy and use WAR as a means to print more money.

If you want to have an "Awakening" read this book (None Dare Call It Conspiracy) It was written back in the early 70s, but all the data in it is still true. You can down load it to you ipad as a PDF, it's only 100 pages and can be read in one night. If you read it, and really take in what it's saying you will see why Republicans and Democrats alike have been in love with War since Korea. Is it a conspiracy? I dont' want to believe it, but the facts are the facts.
Posted by Duke on
I agree with JCDavis. Paul has some good ideas and some far out ideas. What we really need is to get rid of Obama, and slowly change our foreign policy. We don't need troops in Germany, but it is a convenient place to have medical facilities for our wounded from the Middle East. But I'd like to see us out of Mid East... We got Osama, nation building never seems to work for us. I don't think we can beat Obama with Paul.
Posted by Jolly on
How is following the constitution a "Far Out" idea? Have congress declare war iaw the constitution, fight to win, and bring the troops home. How is that dangerous? We are bankrupting our kids with all the dollars spent overseas in these Wars. We've been in a state of War since Gulf 1, when will it end? Who is profiting from the Wars? Don't get your fact from the media. Read magazines like the New American, books like End the Fed, and the Creature From Jeckal Island. They tell the truth armed with Facts not distorted by our bias media.

all these candidates have voting records and funding. Do your own DD. Romney primary contributions come from Goldman Sachs, just like our current POTUS. That's right, they are funded by the same source. Newt is out for Newt and is a pathological lier. Santorum has a voting record that Allen Spector would be proud of. Do your home work.

As long as good Americans listen to the talking heads about electability, then we are doomed to repeat history. RP is even with Mitt in polls running in the general election. He is the only one who will Audit the Fed, bring back sound money policies, and restore the constitution.

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin
Posted by Jolly on
This came from my FB, it's a banter going on between some of my friends concerning Ron Paul's foreign policy. Kid had a response that's worth sharing. Well said my friend:

Santorum reminds me of a boy with a toy when it comes to foreign policy...he doesn't know how it works. National Strategy....never heard of it but he did say he would have bombed Iran yesterday if it were up to him. That usually gets the "conservatives" feeling mightier than all others. We all just need to understand that analyzing what may have contributed to 9/11 and how blow back played a role in that does not make us tree hugging peace lovers. There's a lot of things this country has done in the past 50 years with consequences and unless we can look honestly at them, we will never learn from our mistakes. Since this does not fit in a 20" sound bite, many people just don't get it. The reason RP supporters are so supportive is because it was a discovery of liberty they made through research of their own....not spoon fed from the mass media. If RP is not nominated, Obama wins. You can take that to the bank. If Obama wins, we are doomed...but the other three are no different....sorry GOP.
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