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Bed Bugs

Posted by Jolly on October 15, 2007

I heard there’s a bed bug epidemic in the UK. Damn, I thought bed bugs were just something you told your kids not to get bitten by during the night. 
Apparently the little critters  were pretty much wiped out but now warmer temperatures and a tremendous increase in international travel has allowed the little suckers to make a come back. Bed bug experts are putting the blame directly on, you guessed it, like everything else, global warming.
Freaking global warming!! It’s one thing to melt the polar ice cap or cause abnormal rainfall around the world but when it starts allowing little blood sucking bugs to get in your bed, that’s going too far.
Al Gore needs to get on this. I think there’s some serious cash that comes with that Nobel Prize. So I think he could easily pay some strategically placed exterminators and we can get on top of this bed bug thing. See, conservatives and liberals working together. It can happen and when it does it can impact the world. Kickass!!


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