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Posted by aaron on August 7, 2009

Stella Artois parodyI was having a couple beers with a friend the other night. He ordered a Guiness.  When I ordered a Stella Artois he scoffed and said I was drinking a lady's beer. Of course, I was irritated that he was questioning my manliness based on the kind of beer I ordered.  Now, I like a Guiness but that night I didn't want the heavy, dark taste. So, what is it that makes a beer a man's beer or a lady's beer. I think most people would say taste and alcohol content.  Well, if you go strictly by taste then I suppose you might say that Guiness is a manly beer.  But, if you go by alcohol content then Stella Artois kicksass on Guniness.  Stella's alcohol content is 5.2% versus Guiness's 4.0%. So, don't be a snob, step up girly Guiness man. The world is full of amazing beer opportunities. Each one a wonderful experience in the wonders of the Amber Nectar. Kickass!!!!

Speaking of beer. Here's one of our newest FU Store designs. Amber Nectar is one of the most versatile food groups there is. Vitamins, electrolytes, recuperative effervescence, incredible mind expanding capabilities; what more do you want?.  Beer has got it all. Why do you think it's a favorite of fighter pilots everywhere? Because Amber Nectar is the food of champions. It's what kickass winners drink. Get the shirt and show the world that you're a graduate of FU. Get it in the Amber Nectar & Friends section of the FU Store.

Beer. It's What's for Dinner 


Posted by MichaelCasey on
The only thing to classify as "Ladies Beer" would be anything "Lite". I hearken back to the Coors Light ads and "Ladies Night Out". As for relative taste we can only pity the shoe clerk who can't tell the difference between a Miller and a Stella Artois. I think I learned as much about tactics and top performance in the bar as I did anywhere else. And today's emasculated AF has been fighting to eliminate this learning opportunity! Bring back the pole in the STAG bar.
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