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Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted by Jolly on November 27, 2011

Christmas gift ideas for your wife have always been a struggle for fighter pilots.  It was not until recent history that fighter pilots invented some of the coolest Christmas gift ideas on the planet.  We know how to make our wives happy, period, dot, end-o-statement.  I dug up some old blasts from the past if your having a mental block for her.  

What says love more than gift idea #1



Or perhaps she's happiest being creative, why not gift idea #2:



If you're wife's like mine, you always seem to miss the mark.  There's nothing worse than seeing your wife cry over getting her the wrong gift.  Not to worry, get her to pick the right gift for herself:


We've all heard it before --- "When Momma's happy, everybody's happy."  Making her happy should be the goal of every fighter pilot in our student body.  Once you've done that, you might be amazed what you find under the tree.  But, if you're bride's the kind of girl who needs a little subliminal help to find the right gift for her fighter pilot, try leaving this article next to her Kenwood Chef:



If you're still not sure what to get, there's always the FU Store.  We're open 24/7 and are there for both of you.  This Christmas, let's keep eachother happy with a gift from FU....








Posted by Chiller on
How about a Lawn Boy?
Posted by Chiller on
How about a Lawn Boy?
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