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Coddling Murderers

Posted by aaron on March 5, 2008

There’s a guy, well, actually sort of a gal, who’s in a Massachusetts prison for killing her, excuse me, his wife. I guess that’s technically correct since when the murder was committed, he was still a he. Robert Kosilek was convicted of his wife’s murder and received a life sentence in 1990. He, now she, claimed his, now her, actions were in self-defense after his, now her, wife poured hot tea on his, now her, genitals, now shriveled.
The reason said genitals are shriveled is because Robert, who legally changed his, now her, name to Michelle in 1993, won a law suit in 2002 to permit him, now her, to receive treatment for his, gender identity disorder. Treatment includes, laser hair removal, hormone and psychiatric therapy. In 2005 Michelle, formerly known as Robert, sued again requesting full sex-realignment surgery. Michelle’s justification for all this is that being denied sex-change surgery infringes on her, sorta still his because he hasn’t yet gotten the big snip, protection from cruel and unusual punishment provided under the 8th Amendment. Say what!?!? Apparently Robert was too cheap to pay for this sex change himself but now that he can possibly get the taxpayers to pick up the tab and they won’t, that constitutes unusual punishment.

Michelle, formerly known as Robert

While Michelle waits for the decision on this latest suit she claims the Department of Corrections is not continuing with the already approved gender identity treatment. Michelle says the resulting increased levels of testosterone that are caused by the lack of treatment has caused her breasts to shrink, her male genitals to grow, her hair to thin and her beard to return. What a mess. Kinda makes you feel sorry for a murderer. Not!
Here’s a couple of interesting side notes. The state spent $52,000 on expert testimony during the 2005 suit in its attempt to block the $20,000 sex change surgery. Also, I don’t know if Michelle is being held in a woman’s prison or a men’s facility or if he started out in a men’s and then she was transferred to a women’s. Very complex.
OK, let me get down to the bottom line, down to the nut cutting, especially since the cutting of nuts is at the center of this whole thing. If you commit murder and are lucky enough to get off with a life sentence you’re entitled to three things: a relatively clean, dry place to sleep, three somewhat nutritious meals a day and a place to keep yourself clean and evacuate your orifices. That’s it! Maybe even throw in someone that gets paid to listen to you whine about your screwed up life but no more. Anything else is at the discretion of taxpayers. You do not make demands. 
What you don’t get is to be coddled and pampered. If you walk into prison with a giant mole on your forehead or a harelip or you’re a woman trapped in a man’s body, that’s what you’re going to have or be when you walk out or are carried out in a box. You don’t get breast augmentation if you’re a woman and you want to have a better self-image. You don’t get hair implants because you’re bald and it would help improve your self-esteem. And you most certainly don’t get snip-snip-slice-turn-that-thing-inside-out-and-shove-it-into-your-lower-abdominal-cavity-and-TA-DA-it’s-a-vagina surgery. You’re a murderer. You have emotional issues, live with them. Living being the key word. That should be enough.

*Reference Would/Wouldn't entry.


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