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Déjà Vu All Over Again

Posted by admin on June 29, 2009



Our current set of elected and appointed managers in our government and the Department of Defense are sort of like Déjà Vu all over again.  Are we back in the Johnson/McNamara days or am I missing something?  Sure times are a bit different today and the approach to solving military challenges are more complicated, but the same level of Buffoonery that existed in the late 60s seems to be alive and well today.  The FU WTFO department does not have a warm fuzzy that we are being set up for success.  We just sort of feel like shouting WTFO and YGBSM to see if we are alone here in the our disgust for the current state of affairs.


Take our illustrious Defense Secretary Robert Gates.  Is it just the dudes at FU or is he planning on fighting the current War for the next 25 years with no other serious global threats to our security and sovereignty in the future?  After all, It’s a kinder gentler world with all of us in a group hug around the United Nations (standby, I need to puke after writing that).  I guess we can forgo China, North Korea, Pakistan, and India as significant threats on the horizon.  Does he really think we can handle the threat of Communist China owning air superiority with 187 F-22’s?  Did I say Communist China, sorry for being master of the obvious but last time I checked they were still commies.  Aren’t those the guys who believe in freedom FROM religion, state sponsored population control, no private property ownership to speak of, no free press, no free speech, Yada Yada Yada---I think you get the point.  Again WTFO, YGBSM!


He claims to have "a big problem" with the House Armed Services Committee addition of 12 F-22 Raptors to the 2010 defense budget. He told reporters at the Pentagon June 18 that the reason is "because it continues the F-22 program, which is contrary to the recommendations I made to the President.”  At least Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) is screaming we need them to provide "breathing room" to keep F-22 production going while debate continues on national strategy as the Pentagon works through the Quadrennial Defense Review.  Mr. Gates feels the debate is obviously over. In a direct slap at the professional opinion expressed recently by Air Combat Command boss Gen. John Corley that the current national military strategy requires more than 187 F-22 fighters, Gates told the reporters: "Frankly, to be blunt about it, the notion that not buying 60 more F-22s imperils the national security of the United States I find completely nonsense."


I guess I agree with him on that point.  We need a whole lot more than 60, more like another 400.  Didn’t the requirement guys who do this for a living have a number at well over 500 Raptors to tackle the air superiority mission in the future?  It’s been paired down over the last 15 years for money, not because the requirement for that many Raptors have vanished into thin air.  Well, at least we drove the unit cost out the roof by cutting back our buy so significantly.  So we’re willing to throw 2 trillion dollars for the government take over of our financial institutions and car industry but we don’t have the balls to buy enough F-22’s to insure air superiority, a must to win any war, well into the 21st century.  Again WTFO, YGBSM! 


So, here we are back in the 60’s with a bunch of clowns running our government who know better than the military professionals sworn to protect our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.  I just cant’ take it anymore.  I’m going to the bar, having a cold one with the bros, and singing a few songs to help forget about our troubles.  Oh shit, I forgot the SNAPS won’t be there and don’t know the words to any of the songs anyway.  Maybe I’ll walk over to the predator squadron and see if they still drink and sing.  One last time---WTFO, YGBSM!



Posted by VD on
Should be one hell of a bender! It is only 0855 Texas time! Would love to join you in the bar but I must go and corrupt some of those SNAPs for a few hours today at LAFB. I have a buddy who teaches at PIT. He has a few IP canidates who still go to PT's in San Antonio every Thursday so there is some hope out there. BTW in case you don't know, PT's is a place you can go and watch ladies demonstrate the latest dances moves and enjoy a frosty one.

Posted by borg on
Like to join you Jolly but i'm already getting one on in Galveston. We don't need that pesky air to air superiority... Don't you know that we only fight the "current wars" in today's world. We don't need anything but Hawgs
and pitchforks. No one would dream of changing tactics or capabilities. Keep drinking; it makes it all easier to stomach. Bloody Mary's seem to do the trick at this hour. By the way... I do know where PT's is ref earlier post
great to hear a few of the young bros still know where to go to see what we are fighting for. Cheers.
Posted by Blendr on
Amen brothers! Amen!
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