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Don't Do Dog Doo

Posted by aaron on June 23, 2008

I like dogs as much as the next person but when it comes to our canine friends, what have we become? I recently enjoyed a great trip to New York City. While wandering around the city I noticed that people out walking their dogs were quite diligent about picking up their dog’s crap should it decide to relieve itself on the sidewalk. Actually, laws there require a pet owner or pet sitter to pick up after their dogs so I’m sure that’s the main motivation for cleaning up. At least in the city a person doesn’t have to go far before they can dispose of their baggy of dog crap in a trash container. 
Back home, in my neighborhood, our home association highly encourages dog owners to pick up after their dogs when out for a walk. Most people comply but here, as opposed to the city, there’s no convenient refuse container to dump the feces bag. So now, out for a leisurely walk, until they get home, folks get to carry a warm bag of dog shit with them.
I know there’s health issues involved here. I know it irritates me when I walk out to my mailbox to find a strange pile of dog doo on my front lawn. But what have we become? We are now care takers of our dog’s feces. A whole industry has evolved so that we can clean up after our dogs. Pooper scoopers, leashes with dog crap baggy dispensers, dog crap freeze sprays, specialized fanny packs, kind of a Batman utility belt, that holds dog crap bags, new or full, hand sanitizer, cell phone, keys and more. Parents, you can even buy your little girls a Barbie type doll that includes a pet dog, plus little plastic dog crap and little Barbie toy equipment so that your child can use it to play “pick up the dog doo.” What fun.
I don’t like looking at dog shit. I don’t like watching people pick it up either. Back in New York, I saw a guy that carried newspaper with him and when his dog started to squat he hurriedly slid the paper under the dog’s quivering sphincter. That kind of stuff is undignified, degrading and demeaning.  When I watch people stoop over to scoop up some fresh feces it always appears as though their dog is looking at them, sometimes embarrassed for their owner, sometimes with that dog smirk, and thinking, “You’re a dumb ass.” 
I don’t have an alternative to this issue though. I know it’s got to done or we’ll be knee deep in the stuff. Well, I guess I should just be glad that at least we don’t have to wipe their ass because they can do that themselves on the carpet.


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