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Posted by Jolly on April 1, 2013


Most folks on active duty will tell you there’s a fighter pilot retention problem and it’s only getting worse by the day.   Many positions traditionally filled by fighter pilots on headquarters staffs have either been eliminated, moved to civilian contractors, or been filled with someone other than a fighter pilot due to the shortage.  The most alarming part about the shortage is that many fighter pilots given the choice to stick around or separate from active duty are choosing to pull the handles.  In the past, we’ve seen a “Dear Boss” letter come out explaining why fighter pilots were throwing in the towel.   We have notraptor.jpg seen a "Dear Boss 2013" yet, so FU thought it would be interesting to take a survey of fighter pilots separating.

Can you blame them for punching out?  "PC run amuck" has never been worse, and our military has (once again) become a vehicle for conducting social experiments at the expense of combat capability.  Flying time is hard to come by and many young fighter pilots are surviving on 1-2 sorties per week.  Back in the 80s we used to laugh at the North Korean Fighter Pilot only getting 50 hours per year, and now our own pilots are not doing much better.      

The fighter pilot culture is under attack as well by all the do gooders that find our
traditions, history, and fighting spirit out of step with the PC world.  Many of our F-35_carrier.jpgyoungest officers are choosing paths other than becoming a fighter pilot.  Even the Air Force Academy has trouble filling all its pilot slots for graduating Second Lieutenants.  The level of BS, PC attacks on warriors, lack of flying, and sacrifices to our families are pushing many of our most talented fighter pilots out the service. 

We’ve included a small survey below for fighter pilots who have recently separated from active duty or are considering it in the future.  Please take the time to complete the survey below so we can give our student body a better picture of factors pushing and pulling fighter pilots from the military today.  Vote once, vote often!

How many years remain on your Active Duty Service Commitment?
0-2 Years
2-5 Years
>5 Years
If you could get out today, would the Pilot Bonus alone be enough to keep you on Active Duty?
Which reflects your top priority when deciding to separate or not?
Earning Active Duty Retirement
Bonus Money
Amount of Flying
Deployments vs Family Time
Airline Hiring
US Economy
Requirement for School/Staff
ANG/Reserve Job
In your opinion, what's the biggest internal factor pushing fighter pilots out?
Too much Queep
Lack of flying
PC destroying our culture
Poor Leadership
PME and HQ Staff Tours
Lack of Bonus Money
Possible Changes to Retirement
What's the biggest factor keeping Fighter Pilots in?
The Bros
Fear over US Economy
Medical Benefits
Pilot Bonus
Strong Leadership
Earning Retirement
Promotion Opportunities


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