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Posted by Jolly on January 2, 2012


In the past, we've discussed the stereotype that fighter pilots always have a big watch.  We stumbled upon this video that shows a completely new spin on how a pilot must be worthy to wear such a watch.  It's a very entertaining clip showing how some watches should only be worn by fighter pilots and are not appropriate on a FLAP. Having flown with both, I can relate to the video.  For those unfamiliar with the term FLAP, it stands for "F--king Light Airplane Pilot."   Not to be confused with SNAP (Sensitive New Age Pilot), but they are closely related in the non-fighter pilot family of airplane drivers.  Enjoy the video, and then we will review what FU believes to be the perfect watch for any fighter pilot to wear.  WARNING -- This watch is not suitable for FLAPs or SNAPs.




A typical stereotype is that fighter pilots always have a big watch. In many cases, that is quite true. However, we have stumbled upon the best watch a fighter pilot could ever own. It tells the correct, local time, automatically, no matter where you are in the world and it's so ingeniously simple.

Here's how it works.

Go to a pub or bar and buy a beer.
 Push the receipt on to the pin on the watch.

Perfect Fighter Pilot Watch

To check the time simply read it from the receipt.


Perfect Fighter Pilot Watch in operation


To adjust the time, buy a new beer and it will now
 be showing the accurate, current time once again.

The watch looks great, very stylish and amazing engineering but one of the most kickass things about it is that people will want to buy you a beer just to see how it works.


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Posted by Jolly on
From Paul:

Screw you too ! I guess all us old flaps that keep these old fighter planes flying are your so called flaps !
Posted by Jolly on
Actually Paul, I've flown with a number of FLAPs I have huge respect for. We've always said at FU that being a fighter pilot is an attitude not a specialty code. That being said, having a thick skin is part of being a fighter pilot. We poke a lot of fun at each other, it's what we do. There are those that fly fighters, and then there are fighter pilots.

Posted by Doc on
Hmmm...Whining/quibbling...Life...bloods in the water boys...there's a chink in the armor!
Fighter pilot is a mindset...all else are wannabes!
Posted by Doc on my psychic bigass watch better...tells me when her panties will be off!
Posted by Jolly on
From Randy:

I get my kids hand me down watches! Flying a Viper out of Misawa Japan, I do not think they even have a second to look at a watch either, its all ego!!
Posted by Thunder on
You have to have a watch. It's step one in a lot of emergency procedures: 1.) Wind your watch.

When you do that it keeps you from screwing anything else up so you can fly the jet. You also need one so that you have something to do during the briefing when the briefing checklist says "Time Hack."

A true fighter pilot doesn't buy the watch himself. A beautiful and mysterious blonde in a foreign county will give it to him as a gift. I got my Rolex GMT-Master that way. Still have it. Still got the blonde around too. That was 1974.
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