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Horsemen Ride P-51

Posted by Jolly on December 1, 2011


This is one of the best videos I've seen on the P-51 Mustang. There's some fantastic footage of both P-51's in combat and current day air show Mustang pilots.  The first video is a tribute to the P-51 and the men who flew her.  The Horseman Cometh is a Show on ASBTV about the air show circuit and it centers on a P-51 demonstration team.  I'll include a clip from the first Horseman Cometh show about why all fighter pilots are in awe of the Mustang.  "Regulators, mount up, for tonight we ride."


From ASBTV Channel

The Horsemen Cometh


For all you Horseman in the student body, mount up with your very cool

Mustang History Maker garb in the FU Store.



Posted by Jolly on
From Rick:

That was great. A few years ago, a friend offered me a ride in his TF-51 Mustang (two place tandem for training). I flew it between El Paso and Dell City about 500 feet off the deck. In the rearview mirror, you could see tumbleweeds being whipped up off of the desert below...and man, you really need a lot of rudder on take off to keep her on the runway.

A great day I will always remember!

Rick W. Skogland
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