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Posted by Jolly on November 9, 2012


We've always said here that being a fighter pilot is an attitude.  My friends, there's no doubt in my military mind that Ted Nugent is one of us.  If we were to have a naming ceremony, the first NSTCS (that's no shit tactical call sign) I would throw on the board during his naming ceremony would be "Guns."  Guns would no doubt want to be a Hog driver since size dose matter. Feel free to chime in with your own nomination.  Let's get this done and get Ted a NSTCS.  Vote once, and vote often. Do I have a second (wow, rhymes with second amendment) for Ted "Guns" Nugent?  

Ted's NSTCS Should Be:
Double Tap


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Posted by Maggot on
While I like "Guns", Jolly, how about "Fox3"?
- Maggot
Posted by lesterlaessig on
I propose: HITH

'Hit'em In The Head' Ted!
Posted by gibbstoee on
I second "Guns".
Posted by LieSniper on
I propose Fang, from his "Don't tread on me" comment.

Uncle Milty
Posted by mberent on
I propose "Nailem Nugent" of "Double Tap Ted"
Posted by lesterlaessig on
Hey, Jolly. Why isn't "Double Tap" in the list above? SYSAP!


Posted by lesterlaessig on

Go to YouTube & watch Uncle Ted's "Are You Kidding Me" speech at Lincoln Day Dinner in IL. PRICELESS!


Posted by Billy on
How about "Shooter"...
I already know a "Guns"
Posted by Jolly on
From El Coonyo:

I gotta story about Ready Teddy, and Toby Kieth.
They were supposed to Play Balad in June 2004, right after the first jets got there. Things were pretty knarley that year, multiple mortors and rockets inside the wire daily. Worst in a day...25...good thing Hadgi can't aim or there would have been a lot more casualties. Not to say they didn't get lucky a couple of times.

Anyway, much enthusiastic anticipation for this patriotic concert for the troops. 3 days prior, the plug is pulled. No explaination, just they aint' comming.

I was very dissapointed and thought they Pussed out due to threat. Ive been a Huge Nuge fan since high school.

A month after that, the Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders show up. Battle Rattle, big boobs smiles and great attitudes. after that, Miller Light cat fight chicks(you know in the fountain) and Joe Millionair show up, same deal, battle rattle etc.

Six months later, im home at a Ted Nugent concert. Many weapons displayed on hay bails on the stage. He opens the concert with a flaming arrow shot from off stage left right into Osama Bin Ladens ugly fucking face (nice shot) Great entry but i still cant help but be dissapointed...pussy woulnt play in Iraq and Supermodels and Cheerleders had no problem.

As it turns out, im right next to to his sound booth. Im kinda shitfaced and a little pissed. So i ask the sound man
"a couple months ago Ted and Toby were supposed to play Balad, WTFO?"
He said "yeah Ted and Toby were pissed" so i ask "at what?"
Reply " The FUCKING IRAQI's woulnt let Ted in with all his weapons!!!" YGTBSM, hottest place on Earth at the time and they're worried about his weapons?

Fucking A, new found respect for the man who wrote "Great White Buffalo" and "Storm Troopers"

So i ask sound guy to get me back stage so i could offer a F-16 ride to a great American. No could do. No back stage for me.

Anyway, "Guns" or anything that has to do with weapons and the accurate employment of them is OK in my book. Ill second that.

Sorry to run at the mouth on that one
Posted by Jolly on
from Rob:

How about Ted "For President" Nugent?? God Help America!! & A large thank you to folks like you........ Rob
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