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Hanoi Jane

Posted by Jolly on August 10, 2011


After more than 40 years the Viet Nam Veterans of the United States of America raised a phenomenal amount of money to memorialize another one of Hollywood’s loyal American citizens who went out of her way to aid and abet the enemy and congratulate them on their treatment of US. POW's 

This memorial says it  all! 

They even provide FU Hanoi Jane Urinal Aiming Stickers 



125x125    The only thing better than shacking a Hanoi Jane Urinal Sticker is doing it while wearing an FU Shut the Hell Up Shirt,

or better yet an R Rated Shut The Hell Up Shirt!




Posted by kobra on
Proper Memorial for a piece of shit. MSgt Bill
Posted by Jolly on
Got the following e-mail from Bob:

Nice work, John..I'm takng it to a DFC Society Luncheon at Miramar today.

Bob Krone,
Korat, 1965-1966
Posted by AEROSTRAND on
As the sticker on my office wall says, "Vietnam Vets are not Fonda Jane!"
Posted by frankclarady on
And I have the perfect reading material to go in this splendid memorial. "The Audicity Of Truth" by Barack Hussein Obama and "An Inconvienent Truth" by Al Gore. Though the thoughts and insignts contained therein may not necessesarily rise to the level of the material produced in said memorial, they'll be absolutely perfect if you run out of the paper necessary to clean up said material (why soil a perfectly good t-shirt, ya know?)!
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