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Happy St Patricks Day

Posted by Jolly on March 17, 2012

irish.jpgHappy St Patty's Day!  Singing Irish drinking songs is something going on all over the planet as we speak.  Irish drinking songs and Fighter Pilot songs have a lot in common.  They are normally sung in a bar, have a funny story to tell, can't be truly appreciated without a cold beverage, and in some cases offend those whom the song is directed toward.  Many fighter pilot songs will be offensive to some, but you can't expect everyone to understand our spirit or humor. 

There are many fighter pilot songs that have roots in old Irish drinking songs.  I've taken the liberty to take an old Irish drinking song, Wild Rover, and put a fighter pilot spin on it.  It's a good example, I think, of how to write new words to an old song and get a good laugh from the bros in the bar or at a special event.  

The process starts with a song that already sounds good in the bar.  Wild Rover fits that bill.  Now take the words and modify them to either poke fun at yourself, another squadron, your girl friend, your wife, target aircraft, etc.  In the case of Wild Rover, I took a song about a dude who had sort of a drinking problem, spent all his money on whisky, beer, and women---and then modified the words to make it a bit more personal.

The founding fathers of this beloved institution can relate to the words I've chosen for the Fighter Pilot version of Wild Rover.  I've titled the new song "A Fighter Pilot for Many a Year."  It tells the story of an old dude, like us, who once lived the glorious life of a Fighter Pilot.  I think all of us at FU, except Borg, can agree that we miss strapping a fighter to our ass on a daily basis and the song tells that story.

If any of you have songs you've written over the years that you would like posted in our song section, send an e-mail to  Feel free to modify the words to this song and adapt it to your own squadron.  For example, you could substitute "Hog/Eagle/Hornet/Viper Driver" where it says "Fighter Pilot" in the song, and use "Hogs/Eagles/Hornets/Vipers" where the song says flying "fighters."  Drink some chocolate smoothies while you're at it lads, and keep singing damn it!

Fighter Pilot for Many a Year
Words by FU  (to the tune Wild Rover)

I’ve been a Fighter Pilot for many’s a year

And I spent all me money on whisky and beer

 But now I fly A-words my life is a bore

 And I never will fly a fighter no more

And it’s no, nay, never

No-nay-never-no more

Well I was flying fighters

No-Never-No More


Feel free to add to the song my friends, but it's best to do it while drinking a Pint on Saint Patricks Day!

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Posted by mikellark on
Love that song!! Thanks!

Michael J. Larkin
Captain TWA 747 (Ret.)
Author of "Flying West" 1991
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