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It's Really Dog Shit!

Posted by borg on November 16, 2009

When I was a kid I heard this joke about two idiots that were walking in the park and they saw what was pretty clearly a pile of dog shit. One says to the other “I think that’s dog shit!” The other says “how can you be sure?” The first guy says “well, it smells like dog shit,” followed by “it feels like dog shit,” and finally, just to be sure, “yep, it TASTES like dog shit.” The latter responds with the elated observation that “it’s a good thing we didn’t step in it!”
Home grown terroristPretty funny story; right out of a scene from “Dumb and Dumber”… or our newest long running movie called “Government Politically Correct Safety Annihilators”.  We just watched this week as a KNOWN fundamentalist Muslim murdered 13 of our finest and wounded dozens more. We are finding out that this guy was known to be radical and our government did nothing about it on the military or civilian side. The Army is invariably going to take a hit for not acting on this guy's warning signs, but, in a Catch 22, they would have taken a hit if they had scrutinized this clown more deeply before he did anything. That is the sick part. We have put ourselves in a situation where we have to allow tragedies to happen before we take action. We have made ourselves a joke because we are afraid to call his actions, even after the event, terrorism. The enemy is laughing their asses off at us right now. They think we are ridiculous and weak and they are using our societal laws and norms against us. We can’t make a descent decision if our lives depended on it; literally. It looks like terrorism to me. It’s a good thing our soldiers didn’t step in it … oh, I guess they did.
God bless those young men and women who died and shame on us for not taking care of the only thing our government was set up to do; provide for the common defense.

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Posted by Doc on
Terrorist is a start. Can you spell Treason? How about Traitor? He's guilty of both and should be charged with both! Traitor should get him a firing squad.
But no, murder if guilty gets him an IV with pentathol, potassium chloride, and
curare in it. We can't be to inhuman you know!
Posted by vernonwagner on
As a 37 year Air Force flight surgeon, and vet of SEA & SWA, I can't begin to express the rage I feel at those who would allow an enemy to wear the uniform. I can't recall a member of the SS being recruited by the US Army during WW-II. This nation is being 'wimped' out of existence.
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