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Life Coaching = Dog Psychology

Posted by admin on March 31, 2008

I don’t get it. There are people out there that are calling themselves Life Coaches. These are people with no professional training in the career of Life Coaching. In fact, anyone, absolutely anyone can call themselves a Life Coach and ask others to compensate them for their opinions and direction. A Life Coach is not a therapist. They are not a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, people that have actually spent years studying the processes and procedures of their profession, although those at times are also somewhat dubious. 
A Life Coach offers their service to people that need help struggling through life. At the very best, should you decide you need a Life Coach, you would hope for a good listener with equally good advice. At worst, you may encounter someone that cares nothing about your concerns other than that your concerns include paying your bills on time, especially to your Life Coach.
For the most part, a Life Coach assists individuals in establishing goals. What method a Life Coach uses in this endeavor is completely up to them. There are no governing standards, no prescribed education requirements, and no organizational watchdogs. Oh sure, a few privately owned, self-appointed accreditation groups, USA and European, have popped up that will provide, for a fee, Life Coach credentials. In spite of that, as already mentioned, there is no required or demonstrated skill level for anyone to call themselves a Life Coach.
Every coach I ever had, whether basketball, football or baseball, had completed his playing days and, most times, after studying the coaching process at an accredited university or college was then in position to provide direction and guidance in their coaching expertise. A Life Coach can simply decide one day, and most of them do, that they want to expound their opinions and views on anyone that is willing to pay the price. Make no mistake about it, Life Coaching is all about making money without being required to first work and earn the right to be called a professional.
If you’ve got issues that you need help to resolve, how about talking to your mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, or wife? How about a friend, trusted colleague or favorite bartender? No? You think it would be better to pay someone that has no more skill or training or possibly even care less about solving your problems than that bimbo sliding down the brass pole at the Gentleman’s Club last night? If you have nobody that you can talk to, you probably have bigger concerns than the issues you’re trying to resolve. In that case, at least talk to someone that has spent years learning and training the skills of their profession? Since you’re on this web site, you may have guessed I mean talking to a fighter pilot. Yes, some of our solutions might be a tad harsh or extreme, but fighter pilots love to give advice and will never charge you a dime for doing it.






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