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Mustache March Madness

Posted by Jolly on February 26, 2014


WTFO, The Air Force is doing something NOT politically correct and bringing back Mustache March Madness (read Military Times article below).   Maybe the pendulum is swinging in the right direction, time will tell.  You have to hand to General Welsh, at least he's trying bring down the "NO FUN ZONE Surface To Ten Feet."  Word is he's also reinstalled Friday Call Sign squadron nametags along with March Madness.   Thank you Sir for having the cojones to fight the PC crowd above your pay grade.  Now all he has to do is purge the Air Force of all the PC clowns that have been promoted below his pay grade.  Good luck with that one Sir.  Either way, it's a step in the right direction.  For anyone interested there will be a Mustache March Madness Awards Banquet at the Fighter Pilot University Frat House in Memphis on 29 March, complete with dancing bears.  RSVP to Jolly, we hope to see you there General Welsh!  

Military Times

Posted by Stephen Losey

ORLANDO — Mustache March is right around the corner. And this year, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh is issuing a challenge to the entire service.OLDs1.jpg

“I don’t think we’ve ever had an all-in Mustache March, have we?” Welsh said during his Feb. 20 address to the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium. “I’m putting the smackdown on you guys. Air Force-wide Mustache March, MAJCOM competitions.”

Welsh prefaced his challenge by showing two humorously-doctored photos of himself — one with a regular mustache and another with an outrageously drooping ‘stache. But airmen shouldn’t even dream of using such Photoshop chicanery, he said.

“We’ll check the imagery, to make sure it hasn’t been doctored,” Welsh said.

Mustache March is an Air Force tradition in honor of three-time ace pilot Brig. Gen. Robin Olds.  The legendary pilot sported an equally legendary mustache — extravagantly waxed, grown in flagrant defiance of military regulations, and said to be “bulletproof.” As the excellent site “Badass of the Week” noted, Olds’ trademark handlebar even has its own chapter on his Wikipedia page.

The details of this year’s contest appeared to be somewhat in flux. After Air Force leaders have chosen the winning soup strainer, Welsh said, “I’ll figure out a way to honor him.”

While a mustache competition is, by its nature, a guy’s contest, Welsh said that “the women in our Air Force have a critical role to play here.”

“Their job is to ridicule us nonstop about the idiotic look that these mustaches will have on most of us, as we try to look like Tom Selleck and end up looking like a three-haired mole,” he said. “Fight’s on.”


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Posted by DuckPerry on
About FRIPPIN time. A glimmer of the old(s) days? (Robin Olds that is)

Boomer is great. Let's hope the next CSAF is 1/2 as good. Our luck, It'll probably be some CYBER toad. Oh..wait..that is what I do these days...I'm a CYBER toad....disregard!
Posted by cwirvine on

I can't believe the USAF is actually going to allow our upper lip to be adorned by the 'mustache'! Amazing! Every time I grew one I felt as if I was going to be demoted to a buck private. So be it; I kept it anyway! Didn't harm my flying; local or in combat; airplane didn't know the difference even if it was a different type and model! Strange how some people get bent out of shape. The only thing I ever told my guys was,"Keep it neat". Worked for me and should work for all other jet jocks.

Take care and check 'deep 6!' Martini.
Posted by Frankn on
Standard! Dancing bears announced after bidding closed! Party foul...I'll be touring Asia on the 29th.
However will continue to grow mustache and submit for judging via email.
Frankn, out!
Posted by butch71 on
Well! I never had one and my wife will not let me. she tells me that it leaves whisker burns. And I do not miss it.
Posted by Doc on
Damned short notice! mandatory prior commitment! The left's PC POLICE have gotta be screwing through the ceiling with this! Fighter Pilots! There are fighter pilots and then there are pilots that fly fighters! Just when I thought Welch had lost his manhood in the puzzle palace this comes along. Shit Hot!
Seriously? Wife won't let you have one, leaves whisker burns?! Hell, so does "Five O'clock Shadow!" Mine said it tickled her!
Posted by DJ1 on
It seems the big hoorah in AF Times last month was from female AF personnel! They couldn't grow a 'stash so why should we?! The solution to that enigma is "as plain as the 'stash on yer face!". Females could stop dephiliating their pudendas to see who could grow the greatest "beard". Do it in the Fall so the heat rash is less. Call it the "Great October Bush Bash". I volunteer to be a judge!
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